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A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning

“An impressive no frills approach for people who want to learn about the underpinnings of neural networks in the most time-effective way possible.” — Sebastian Raschka, Ph.D. (author of Python Machine Learning)


“This book is like a CEO summary of deep learning.” — Ronald T. Kneusel, Ph.D. (author of Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction and Math for Deep Learning)


“Wonderful graphics, great explanations, highly recommended!” — Luis Serrano, Ph.D. (author of Grokking Machine Learning)

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Deep learning is the algorithm powering the current renaissance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And the progress is not showing signs of slowing down. A McKinsey report estimates that by 2030, AI will potentially deliver $13 trillion to the global economy, or 16% of the world’s current GDP. This opens up exciting career opportunities in the coming decade.

But deep learning can be quite daunting to learn. With the abundance of learning resources in recent years has emerged another problem—information overload.

This book aims to compress this knowledge and make the subject approachable.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build a visual intuition about deep learning and neural networks.